Jakob Weisblat

The Greatest Jigsaw, a puzzle from MIT Mystery Hunt 2021

I write puzzles sometimes, including puzzle hunt puzzles and crossword puzzles. What follows is a sporadically updated somewhat incomplete list of my puzzles.

Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2022: The Exam

I edited for this hunt and wrote a few puzzles, including:

  • ✝️🔤🧩, an emoji crossword. Note that this puzzle was in a round where the puzzle came in chunks for each season. (Written with Jenna, Chris and Anderson)
  • Speedy Crosswording, an exercise in quick crossword-solving (written with Jenna and Jack; I constructed the crosswords themselves and wrote most of the clues)
  • Me, The Worm, a choose-your-own-adventure book about life as a worm. It's very cute, go read it. (Written with Chris and Jenna; I lost motivation during the actual-prose-writing part of the puzzle so I didn't write very much of its text)

Galactic Puzzle Hunt: 20/20 Vision

I chaired the team for writing this hunt, edited, and wrote a few puzzles:

  • Breakfast Time!, an easier puzzle meant to be a good introduction to the hunt
  • Make Your Own Math Quiz, an interactive puzzle about writing math questions (written with Josh)
  • Charts (written with Lennart) — a part of the Microscope round, where the entire round was presented as one 1000x1000 pixel image and solvers had to figure out what parts were from what puzzle
  • Crosswerd, a meme crossword about misspelling

MIT Mystery Hunt 2021

I co-led the ✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈ with Josh as we wrote the 2021 MIT Mystery Hunt.

Some of the puzzles I'm proud of writing for that hunt follow.

Easier puzzles:

Less easy puzzles, most exciting first:

And a few of the meta-puzzles I helped write:

  • Random Hall (metapuzzle, math/randomness, written with a bunch of other people)
  • Baseball (metapuzzle, sports, written with Josh Alman)

I also helped create the Projection Device, which teams used to explore a virtual world during the hunt.

Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2019

I organized the team for writing this hunt, edited, and wrote puzzles. Some of the puzzles I wrote include:

  • Road Trip, a US geography puzzle
  • Unsafe, a text adventure (written with Brian)
  • A Crossword, a definitely-perfectly-normal diagramless crossword (written with Yannick)
  • The Galactic Conference, the metameta (written with Rahul, Anderson and Patrick)

Other Puzzles

I also write crossword puzzles sometimes. I've been published in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Puzzle Society Crossword.

I co-wrote the October 2021 puzzle set for Puzzled Pint with Jon Schneider.