Hi! I’m Jakob - I’m currently a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I study Computer Science and Mathematics. Of particular interest to me are Secure Computer Systems and Cryptography. I'm currently working on a research project around secure operating systems and type-safe system call interfaces.

I spend my free time mostly on being a part of far too many student groups:

  • The MIT Shakespeare Ensemble, for which I’ve acted, built stuff, done lights, technical directed, and most of the other things you can do.
  • The MIT Musical Theater Guild, for which I design lights, sets, and sounds.
  • The Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament, a tournament held semianually for high school students from across the country and internationally. I’ve worked on scripts, problems, and logistics, and I co-directed for the 2016-17 tournament season.
  • E33 Productions, a group which does lighting for on-campus events held by other groups or entities at MIT. I’m the president. Hire us for your next event!
  • Student Information Processing Board, a student group which helps maintain some of MIT’s computing infrastructure. I’m involved with (or trying to be, anyway), scripts.mit.edu, the service that hosts a lot of dynamic websites for MIT organizations [and this website].
  • Live-Action Mafia, a group that runs week-long games of murder and deceipt a few times per semester. A healthy dose of anticipation about whether you’re about to be murdered is important to a balanced lifestyle.
  • East Campus, my dorm, in which I’ve helped organize our CPW events and Bad Ideas Weekend, where you can try out all the ideas that really should never be tried out.
  • The Assassins’ Guild, which runs Live-Action Role-Playing games. I play them, and am working on co-writing a game in the UNSONGa> universe.
  • MIT DanceTroupe for which I do lighting and am dancing in this semester.

Aside from all that, I like going on adventures of the wandering, cycling, or other varieties.

I enjoy puzzles, both of the more boring variety, and the more exciting kind.

I enjoy vegetarian cooking, and I run a vegetarian co-op (we call ourselves ⌊🌽⌋) in East Campus.